Tired of companies that are gone tomorrow? We have provided telecommunication and network solutions to customers since 1987. In 1987 Cynthia Wise, a Pacific Bell trained installer, started her own installation company, Telephone Jacks. Her goal was to provide affordable options for business and residential customers for all of their wiring needs. Since then, her business has grown to include data communications, security cameras, DSL and phone systems.Telephone and computer wiring, CAT 5/CAT 6, DSL wiring, LAN wiring, jack setup and service for all types of wiring & Telephone Systems

Commercial and Residential Service and Repair

Meeting the Telephone and Data Communications needs of Southern California since 1987 Call for a free quote today!

The phone company isn't the only game in town when it comes to repairing telephone wiring or installing new jacks. Many people are paying more for repairs and telephone installation.

Whether you need a new phone system installed, or are seeking to have your existing system serviced, repaired or upgraded, Telephone Jacks is here to meet your needs.

Our staff of knowledgeable installers and repairmen are ready to help you install, upgrade or repair your phone or data communications system, whether it is for home use.