In 1987 Cynthia Wise, a Pacific Bell trained installer, started her own installation company, Telephone Jacks. Her goal was to provide affordable options for business and residential customers for all of their wiring needs. Since then, her business has grown to include data communications, DSL, phone systems and computer wiring, troubleshooting & repairs

A note from Cynthia:

Many residents and business people don't realize they have a choice of:

  1. Doing their own installations
  2. Hiring a private company to do it
  3. Letting the telephone company do it.

It's a natural reaction of many phone users to simply expect the phone company to take care of all their needs, not realizing a private contractor can save them as much as 50 percent on installation needs. The telephone company is responsible for turning on phone service to the house. All wiring inside the house or business is private. The phone company charges some rather hefty fees for any work they do in areas they aren't responsible for. Each job, whether for business or residential, is different. But, regardless of who is doing the work, for the consumer's protection private installer should have a contractor's license by the state.

Note: Telephone Jacks has a California state contractor's license. Call for a free quote and compare our prices to the telephone companies! You will be amazed at how much you can save!